My First Trail Race
March 4, 2024

Hey there, fitness enthusiasts! Today, I'm sharing a story that even 2021 Morgan wouldn't have believed – my unexpected love affair with running. Yep, you heard that right! If someone had told me back then that I'd be running races and even attempting trail running, I would have thought they were joking. Life has a funny way of surprising us, teaching us that sometimes the things we once disliked can become our greatest passions if we just give them a shot.

So, here's how it all began. Running entered my life through the gateway of friendship. It became more than just a physical activity; it became a way for me to connect with my friends, challenge myself, and have meaningful conversations while working through life's stresses.

After a year of conquering races of various lengths – 5k, 10k, and even a half marathon – my friends proposed the idea of venturing into the world of trail running. Now, trail running is a whole different ball game. A month before the race, we decided to scout the trails at Heritage Park for a sneak peek. Little did we know, navigating those trails was like searching for a needle in a haystack.

Truth be told, the prospect of trail running initially terrified me. Thoughts of tripping on roots, rolling my ankle, or stumbling over loose rocks haunted my mind. Safety was a concern, and with a busy schedule, I couldn't afford any injuries. The plan was to walk most of the race, running only on the relatively safe sections.

However, the night before the race, doubt crept in. I was close to bowing out, not even bothering to set the alarm. But, as fate would have it, a timely text from Rheena turned the tide. Sometimes, we need that push from friends to tackle the challenges we'd rather avoid.

The race day arrived, and despite my initial reluctance, excitement kicked in as we lined up. The camaraderie and the thrill of trying to keep up with my friends got me pumped up. Little did I know, the trail would narrow into a single-file path, demanding intense focus on every step to avoid potential hazards.

Running at the front, I took on the responsibility of trying to guide the group through the tricky terrain. Roots, rocks, uneven ground – my eyes were glued to the trail. Then came the creek, a test for those who detest running in wet shoes. I opted for hopping on rocks, avoiding the water plunge.

With just under a mile to go, the course threw a steep uphill challenge at us. I was gasping for breath, needing to pause and regulate my heart rate. But determination kicked in, and I sprinted the final stretch. Surprisingly, I crossed the finish line at 29:26, securing 1st place in my age group. Talk about unexpected victories!

Reflecting on the experience, I'm still uncertain about future trail runs. Currently leaning towards a "no," but hey, who knows? Peer pressure, in its healthiest form, has a way of changing minds. The moral of this tale? Embrace the unknown, try new things, and surround yourself with friends who won't let you back out of challenges. After all, the best adventures often begin with a little push from those who care about your well-being.

Keep pushing boundaries and trying new things, because you never know where your next great adventure might lead you! 🌟 #TrailRunningAdventures #FitnessJourney #EmbraceTheChallenge