Reflecting on my Self Defense Class
April 22, 2024

Over the weekend, a few of us embarked on a journey of empowerment at Karate Oconee. The destination? A self-defense class that left us feeling more prepared, more aware, and oddly, more confident. But let me rewind a bit.

As a mom, the world we live in demands a certain level of vigilance, especially when it comes to our children. So, I brought my 11-year-old daughter along. It's a sad reality, but necessary. Whether it's going for a run or simply hanging out with friends, she needs to be equipped with the knowledge of self-defense, aware of her surroundings, and confident in her abilities to protect herself if needed.

The instructors at Karate Oconee were nothing short of amazing. They were respectful, approachable, and most importantly, they kept it real. In a world where serious situations often elicit nervous laughter or avoidance, they brought a sense of gravity to the room. And rightly so, because what we were learning was serious business.

The first lesson was simple yet profound: use your voice and make eye contact. It's about asserting yourself, showing strength, and refusing to be seen as weak. "I SEE YOU SEE ME!" The power of standing tall and meeting someone's gaze can be enough to deter them. And if it's not, well, then it's time to put your newfound skills into action.

"Wait, stop, what do you want?" Those words are not just a request, but a demand for respect and boundaries. And if push comes to shove, quite literally, then it's time to remember the basics: NOSE, ELBOW, KICK, KNEE. Fragile spots, pain points—anything to gain the upper hand and ensure your safety.

It's a sobering realization, isn't it? That we live in a world where self-defense is a necessary skill, where going about our daily lives requires a certain level of preparedness for the worst-case scenario. But as disheartening as it may be, it's also empowering to know that we have the tools to protect ourselves and our loved ones.

From learning about pressure points to practicing maneuvers for various scenarios, the class was eye-opening. And while I wish I could detail every technique, I urge you to experience it for yourself. Take a self-defense class, or better yet, take several. Repetition breeds confidence, and quick response could mean all the difference in a dangerous situation.

As for me, I've decided to take it a step further. I'll be enrolling in KRAV MAGA classes at Karate Oconee. I refuse to live in fear. Instead, I choose to be prepared, to be empowered, and to face whatever may come with courage and confidence.

So here's to empowerment, to preparedness, and to taking control of our own safety. Because in a world where the unexpected can happen, it's better to be ready than to be caught off guard.